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Re: How will smoking weed affect me? - April 14th 2011, 04:10 PM


As someone who smokes pot (only started in December), and dating a guy who has been smoking pot for 8 years, I'll give you a bit of my insight on it.

Marijuana is NOT physically addictive, as has been said, but the habit can be difficult. Thus why the suggestion to keep is as a weekend thing instead of an everyday thing is good.

My boyfriend, when he was trying to cut down how much he smoked (due to his bad cough), he didn't have any physical dependency issues. However, his biggest problem was out of habit. His friends at college smoke up, and he's just, used to that being the daily routine, pretty much. On the other hand, we don't smoke up at my house. My parents act like people who smoke pot are junkies, so we try to avoid them getting that idea. Therefore, when we're at my house, he doesn't really feel a need to get high.

The other thing brought up is how smoking pot can affect your moods. It's only a temporary cure for bad feelings, depending on the cause of them. When I've fought with my mother, but then gone out and got high, I felt better, and didn't think about shit with her again until she started arguing again. However, if I were to smoke up during a Depressive episode, I'd go back to being Depressed some time after the high wore off.

DO NOT use smoking pot as a scapegoat for bad emotions, it won't work. Not only will you become dependent on it to try and cheer yourself up, thus spend money, and the criminal aspect of it... It wouldn't be worth it to use every day. Especially since some people can become so dependent on it, that they literally cannot function properly without, because of a Psychological Dependence. For example, the biggest one I hear is about people not being able to sleep if they don't get high.

In the end, it all comes down to you, but I highly suggest that if you start, you smoke responsibly. Be aware of who you buy from (and that it's not laced, as said), be careful where you smoke it, where you're carrying it around, and don't let yourself become dependent.

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