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Re: My sister is in trouble :( - April 16th 2011, 12:43 AM

Is your sister a minor? If so, then your parents are required BY LAW to take care of your sister's needs. That means providing food, shelter, and ensuring that she goes to school on a regular basis. You could call the police, explain your situation to them, and ask for a referral to child/family services. A social worker could come by the house on a regular basis and work with all of you to ensure that your sister is getting the help she needs. She could be forced into rehab initially (detox, some basic counseling), then receive follow-ups after stabilizing and moving back into your house.

If your sister is an adult, then I would look into laws about forced rehabilitation. If it is not possible to do that (it may depend on how "at-risk" your sister is), try to look up services for unemployed individuals and pass those along to your sister. If she knows that you care and are willing to work with her, providing resources and support in order to get her off the street, she may feel motivated to work with you as well.

I am sorry to hear about your family's situation, and I wish your sister all the best in getting her life back on track.