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April 17th 2011, 06:48 PM

Weed isn't addicting, it's just some people like it so much that they don't want to stop. The first time, you'll probably just feel really stupid, you won't be all that high, and it won't be that great. The second time will be better. Once you get up to about your fourth or fifth time, that's when you really start to understand why so many people enjoy it. That's when it gets amazing. I've smoked for about seven months, not consistently, just when the mood strikes me, and so far that's worked out. I buy from my next door neighbor now, which is very convenient. But yeah, be VERY careful who you buy from. I've been ripped off twice and smoked weed laced witth cocaine once, which was scary as hell. Try to buy from someone you trust. Enjoy! 420 is almost here!

I'm not sure that thereis a legitimate reason why weed is illegal, other than some of the people who get involved with marijuana also get involved with other drugs. There's nothing wrong with it. It gets your mind off things, even for a short time. For people as depressed and fucked up as I am, what's wrong with a little relief now and then? Who's to say I can't be happy? Some people think they have the right to dictate a lot more than they actually do.

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