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Re: How will smoking weed affect me? - April 20th 2011, 04:33 PM

Originally Posted by Sythan View Post
Marijuana has many more risks and bad side affects than benefits. I have a number of friends who use Marijuana, 2 of them are in jail, 1 dropped out of school wanting to get high instead of going to school, 1 is severely depressed, and 1 is dead because he OD'd on Heroin after Marijuana didn't give him the same high anymore after using it for so long.

It's true about it being a "Gateway Drug", first you start off small, then you want more and more to get high. Eventually weed doesn't do it for you anymore and you need something stronger to achieve a high.

It is NOT worth it.
Wow, this is quite excessive. First of all, I know plenty of people who smoke weed and don't look for a stronger high.

Second, people being in jail because they smoked marijuana? No, safe to assume it's because they did something stupid, like dealing, or trafficking drugs, if it even HAS anything to do with drugs. Dropping out? I know people who DON'T smoke pot who dropped out of high school. Not to mention, my boyfriend smokes pot, and he's about to graduate college. Once again, stupid decisions, which can't be blamed on a plant, but on the person. Same idea goes for the OD'ing thing. Not everybody needs to look for a new high, but your friend did, and wasn't smart about it.

Third, risks outweighing the benefits? Not necessarily. Well, at least, not the kind of risks you're probably thinking. Safe to assume the OP, whose username says "Calgary" is from Canada, where Marijuana is actually decriminalized. You can smoke it, you can have a certain amount on you, and you can even grow a couple plants without getting in trouble from the law.

Sure, there are risks and benefits, but don't let a bunch of stupid decisions affect how you feel about everybody who touches pot. Not everybody who smokes up is an irresponsible nitwit, I've seen (and heard stories of) successful people smoking some weed (or a lot).

In the end, I think the answers the OP was looking for were already answered, and in the end, it's the OP's decision as to whether the risk is worth the benefit, if they'll be able to be responsible, etc.

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