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Re: How will smoking weed affect me? - April 21st 2011, 12:12 AM

Originally Posted by Sythan View Post
Marijuana has many more risks and bad side affects than benefits.
Can you give a list of the benefits versus risks? What you said below does not indicate it was purely from marijuana. If marijuana is not worth the risk, then I have 2 question. First, why is it being legalized in certain areas for medical use? Second, why are synthetic THC medications being made and studied for clinical usage? For example, Nabilone (Cesamet) is a derivative of THC and is 10 times more potent as THC. In addition, there's Levonantrodol, dexanabinol and ajulemic acid. In fact, in Canada, Sativex is clinically used for neuropathic pain in a "puffer form" with a 1:1 ratio of extract THC from marijuana:cannabidol.

Originally Posted by Sythan View Post
I have a number of friends who use Marijuana, 2 of them are in jail
For what? Marijuana possession? It is illegal, that's not the fault of marijuana, that's the fault of the law.

Originally Posted by Sythan View Post
1 dropped out of school wanting to get high instead of going to school
Was that person using ONLY marijuana?

Originally Posted by Sythan View Post
1 is severely depressed
How is that related to marijuana usage?

Originally Posted by Sythan View Post
1 is dead because he OD'd on Heroin after Marijuana didn't give him the same high anymore after using it for so long.
That'd be the fault of heroin not of marijuana. Without even needing any additional information, this point isn't related to marijuana.

Originally Posted by Sythan View Post
It's true about it being a "Gateway Drug", first you start off small, then you want more and more to get high. Eventually weed doesn't do it for you anymore and you need something stronger to achieve a high.
If you're going to say a theory is true, ancedotal evidence doesn't matter. Use scientific data to back up your claims, otherwise it's an unsupported statement and is dismissed by all. Below are some links from scientific studies and books by current researchers indicating the gateway drug theory for marijuana is not a strong one and the results are better explained by other models. The gateway drug theory is viewed as correlational not causal (you are saying it's causal) and results are due to other factors. (PDF of a set of experiments along with citing previous data) (PDF)

Some researchers, such as pharmacologist Lesley Iverson in his book "The Science of Marijuana" states:

"the neurobiological basis for the gateway drug theory is speculative at best" (pg. 209)

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