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Re: What is the point? - February 24th 2009, 03:43 AM

hannah, i understand.

i'm at school in miami. 1500 miles from my home in connecticut.
and i have approximately 2 friends here. and one of them never even hangs out with me; the other is my roommate.
everyone thinks miami is this huge city where you can go out and meet tons of people, but it's not.

the best thing i can tell you to do is find something you love doing; i take myself shopping sometimes. i don't necessarily buy anything, but i just take myself out and give myself time. even though you don't want to be alone, spending time with yourself and being alone are completely different.

i really hope that you don't give up on your three months; that is an accomplishment in itself and you should be extremely proud of it.

stay strong.

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