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Hold yea - April 23rd 2011, 05:24 AM

For the first time I screamed help and it left from the inside of me and was a shock to everyone else. I screamed that I am hurting and I cannot stand this pain another week let along a day. Then someone who thought they knew me said whats wrong I do not see anything wrong with you physically. "Why are you try to attrach attention to yourself," said the person who thought they knew me. If this person knew me like they claim to then they would know that I gave off hints and I am not a social butterfly, and I hate my whole entire life and is thinking evry second of the day how I want for my life to end. Yes, Im hurting physically as well as mentally but yet I scream for help and my day ends with me in my dorm thinking hard about the possibles. I force myself from bed every morning wishing I can conqure the world but yet I screamed for help and I end my day feeling as if the world has conqured me. I walk around every day with a fake smile but yet I scream for help and I end my day crying with a confused face wondering why am i told to talk about my feeling to get help but when I say the root word everyone runs for cover because no one wants to help this broken child. Hello, I am the broken child and I am hurting from my toes to the mind some call the brain. Im damage from this disease call major depression or what I like to call September. Faith use to be a factor but no longer exist. CAN SOMEONE UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL!!!! No one ever answers but everyone knows the solution. SOMEONE PLEASE LOOKING INSIDE OF ME AND TELL ME YOU CAN HELP THAT I'M NOT ALONE!!!! Someone with those powers please I beg I cannot stand the pain any longer. I am begging from the bottom of my heart someone just come and take it away. PLEASE1!!!!!!!!!