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what to do for highschool? i dont know - April 23rd 2011, 05:29 AM

Hi, I am going into the 11th grade in highschool next year and it is time for registration. I am in California and becuase of the cuts, I can only take 6 clases next year and 5 (max) senior year. My freshmen year, I took spanish 1 and hist. thru. film. i didnt move to spanish 2 so im back in it. this year im in the basic standard get to college classes. what colleges require two years of a foreign language? i still need to get my health credits and my fine arts credits. if i take spanish next year (spanish 2) and i take an rop (i really want to take some becuase it is similar to my dream job) then i still need my health and fine arts. i dont know what to do but if i get my credits i think im guarenteed a spot in UC fullerton. im not sure why (i think its apart of my ditrict). well anyways here is option one and option two. which would u think is better?

1. 11[rop + spanish 2] 12[ceramics and over summer of 11 hope to get health]
2. 11[ceramics +spanish 2] 12[health]

i really dont know what to do. im trying to get a summer job but if it doesnt work out im either going to get in a tooon of community service hours or try to take health or a fine arts if i can.

any and all help is much appreciated.