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Re: How will smoking weed affect me? - April 24th 2011, 10:33 AM

Haha some quality answers in this thread, some made me lol

I smoke green on occasion. Once I started, I noticed I really cut back on alcohol and I started losing weight because of that. My health has also become a lot better (because of the alcohol cut back again). The high and drunk is very similar, but a happier kind of drunk is how I would put it.

This is how the lung association of BC puts it
Cause extreme psychological dependance
Lack of interest in studies, work, relationships
A loss of anything other than dope
Sustain growth and development
Damaged sperm
Irregular menstrual cycles
Diminished fertility
Compromised immune response
Marijuana has more cancer causing agents than tabacco
1 joint = to 5 cigarette sticks

COMPLETE BULLSHIT. What they don't tell you is that the THC in marijuana neutralizes (not exactly the word but easier to explain this way) the cancer causing cell damage.

The only thing bad for you from smoking weed is the rolling paper you use, or tobacco leaves if you are smoking a blunt.

If you decide to start, I recommend getting a vaporizer like the Magic Flight Launch Box for 99 dollars. No smell, no smoke, gives you the high. NO downside at all.

Pretty much just summing it up, the only thing bad about smoking weed is the smoke itself.
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