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Re: Should I move back home? - May 4th 2011, 09:10 AM

I really don't think that you have much of a choice in this, from a practical point of view. You almost need to stay with your boyfriend. Because the household you're in right now sounds quite stable, I see no reason why it shouldn't continue to function just fine.

If you go back home, you'll be reintroduced to all of your old problems that you had just spent so many months coping with and getting past. Essentially, you'd be back at square one. It really is better for your physical and mental health to avoid that environment at all (practical) costs. If this means getting heat from your family over their disapproval of your current living arrangements, so be it. A brief and simple explanation or clarification of your reasons should be enough to deter any serious speculation over your reasons for staying with your boyfriend.

You also mentioned that your aunt had offered you a room. While that's very generous of her, you also say that it's impractical do to commuting and not owning a car. You should openly acknowledge that with her. Tell her that you're quite grateful for the offer, but other circumstances in your life make it unconventional to do that at this point. Keep in mind that you should be at the top of your interests list right now, because there's little you can do to or for anyone else if you yourself are in such a state of uncertain and unstable living.


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