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Re: David Cameron Supports Ban on Same-Sex Kisses Before Watershed - May 4th 2011, 03:22 PM

Originally Posted by losing touch. View Post
wow, it's amazing how people take things out of context.
he said that all sexually suggestive scenes and advertising might be banned before 9 - such as the lesbian story line scenes. it's not JUST same sex kisses he's talking about.
Even that isn't exactly true. David Cameron has, as yet, made no statement at all about sexually suggestive television content. What is true is that there's an ongoing independent review into television content, and this review is being lead by the Chief Executive of the Mothers' Union, an international Christian charity. They've actually made a statement ( denying that they're targeting same-sex kissing, and that their campaign is gender-inclusive (although it looks a little evasive). However, the fact that a faith-based family values campaign is running the review, and the fact that the review appears to be based on the assumption that children are being "sexualised" by the media, suggest that they could well recommend further censorship of "sexually suggestive content" on television. They just haven't yet. Wait for the release of the findings later this month before panicking.

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