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Re: UK 5 May Elections - May 7th 2011, 12:12 AM

Clegg really has lost all credibility. With certain Lib Dem MPs getting increasingly angry at the Conservatives in Westminster (Chris Huhne springs to mind), I can see the coalition falling apart and the Lib Dems rebelling against their leader if he doesn't voluntarily go.

The referendum on independence will probably come towards the end of this term. It makes sense to spend about 3 years warming people up to the idea, and it means that if people do end up strongly opposing it, it won't plague Salmond throughout his 4 year term. I'm really interested as to how it will go. I don't support indendence (yet), but I can't wait to hear how the SNP approach it. Their win yesterday was monumental, I think it's becoming more and more of a possibility.