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Re: How will smoking weed affect me? - May 11th 2011, 10:25 PM

I've only done it a few times but I love it. I do it at my friends house, because he lives super close to me and is the biggest pothead in the world, and we won't get caught (it would be impossible at my house)

The first time isn't so fun. You will not get high, trust me. I assure you, it will burn your throat like hell. Just warning you. It goes away though, don't worry. Your mood will lift a little, though. I was majorly depressed and it made me feel a little better. The times after that, it won't burn, and you'll start to feel really really good. The second time, I didn't get as high as I should've (my friend was baked. He was sooooo gone!) but I was definitely up in the clouds. I felt fantastic. It was great. We went downstairs and I figured out that I really was high when his mom asked me a question and I just stared at her for ages hahaha.

It's not that bad, don't worry. As other people are saying, I don't know why its illegal. It would bring in so much tax revenue if it was legalized, too! It is pretty bad for your lungs and has a high tar content but as long as you don't do it constantly it's no problem. It's not addicting, well, psychologically at least. Behaviorally, you might get addicted to it, but that just takes willpower to break. Not rehab lol.

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