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Re: Can't see nephew because of abusive mother - May 15th 2011, 10:51 AM

If they don't live too far away, could you plan an arranged visit, just for a nice family get-together? You would tell them in advance you don't want to cause any arguments or fights. It could be anything from going to their house to inviting them out to a restaurant. Ideally, if you stayed for a few days, hopefully you could act as a friendly uncle or simply a friend. It's not an easy thing to ask for but it allows you time to interact with him and depending how things go, he may be willing to call or e-mail you later.

I emphasize the nephew because he seems to be of great concern to you and probably the most willing to talk with you. However, the other 2 children, depending on their ages, if they witness what happens to him, then they may also be incredibly fearful of their parents. So if you engage with the nephew in the presence of the other 2 children, they may also be benefited because a family member is making everything peaceful while they are visiting.

I don't know much of child services but I'd have expected they would have talked with you about the incidents and may even let you see your nephew.

If you don't live far away, you could try and ask your sister if you could spend the day with your nephew. Although you may not directly interact with the other 2 children, they may come to know how you are from their eldest brother.

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