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Re: How will smoking weed affect me? - May 15th 2011, 04:05 PM

Originally Posted by Random_Hero View Post

ur partialy right however i doubt that it was pot that made you sick bc pot is actualy drug used to treat stomach aches its only dangerous bc most dealers do so illegaly and also deal other more serios drugs and by that i meen if you smoke pot regularly u might coff a bit yes but not like big fits or anything unless u have an disorder or something also you may feel depressed when u suddenly stop smoking other than that ther arent normaly many bad side effects however if it is illegal were you live i highly recomend that you not brake the law if you choose to thats on you i do it but i also have an imployer thats ok with that fact and i take that risk bc i enjoy pot but u dont wanna start something unless you are sure u can handle it and the best thing u can do is support the legalization as much as u can and then id recomend discussing it with your doctor ask him seriously and ask him y a doctor might perscribe it for medicinal purposes to better understand ask him the side effects and risks and keep in mind he may be a little biased but he will not lie to you peace
A doctor isn't going to prescribe medical marijuana for a problem that most likely doesn't exist. The OP wants to try it because it sounds like fun. Pretty sure a doctor isn't going to give you weed for that.

And considering that everyone's bodies react differently to things, you don't really have a place to say "weed won't do that." Unless you're an expert with a college degree in biochemistry, you don't know everything that drugs can do.
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