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Re: Ear Stretchers. - May 29th 2011, 05:17 AM

Charli, you could use hydrogen peroxide to clean the jewelry, just soak it in there. Make sure to rinse it with water after, though. Hydrogen peroxide cleans jewelry, but shouldn't be applied to a healing piercing.

Don't go in the shower to force it through more. If your ear doesn't want to stretch any more without hurting, leave it to heal for a bit. I say, AT LEAST a day or two before trying to stretch it more. To give you a rough idea, it took me a couple months to get from a 14 gauge to a 6 gauge. I think in the UK, you use mm, so here's a conversion chart!

You have to be VERY careful to stretch slowly, and comfortably, to avoid things such as infections, lack of proper healing, keloids, scar tissue (making it very difficult to continue to stretch), etc.

I highly suggest you look for a good source of information about stretching, like a guide, if you're unsure still.

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