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Re: religon is fake - June 3rd 2011, 10:01 PM

There's many religions out there, and I believe that Christianity and Catholicism takes the most heat in these religious forums. Because I'm Agnostic, I believe that we can never be guaranteed which religion or scientific theory is correct until we can be 100% certain that the Christian God exists. For instance: let's suppose that tomorrow, someone proves that the big bang theory actually happened. If that's the case, most of us would probably say that God didn't create the Earth. But what about the other things? What if God had the Bible made the way it was to fuck with people? How? We don't know. We want to know, and that is what strives us to better understand the world, but I don't believe we will ultimately know whether there is a true religion. What if we die and it's just a dark abyss of nothingness; like a deep sleep except never waking up? That could've been God's plan. Perhaps God exists, but we may never visit Heaven, Hell, or even get a glimpse of Him. Potentially, religion is fake. Science can actually prove shit, but I don't think it'll prove that a certain religion is fake. The only thing we can really do is assume.