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Re: religon is fake - June 4th 2011, 07:48 AM

Originally Posted by hypergirl View Post
people allways say gods real but if so then how come their is so much suffering in the world and good people die of nasty illnesses and i have said that since someone verry close 2 me died whats your veiws on religon and why
I'm assuming you're referring to the Christian god simply because most people do on these forums. If so, that has no bearing on all religion being fake. At most, it can mean one religion is fake but there are thousands of others.

My view on pretty much all religions is I dislike them, I dislike the entire notion of a god or other being having created us or something else in this world. There are thousands of religions, so to me, it means either some are correct, only one is correct or none are correct but the answer isn't known. The only way one supposedly knows is when they die or something else happens to them. I dislike this notion because it involves dedication and possibly even throwing away one's life for something that may be false. My last reason for disliking religion is it instills morals and values, some of which may be good and in line with society but many may not. I believe that in order to accept any religion, one has to lose some rationality, logical thinking and independence.

None of those reasons mean religion is fake, on the contrary, religion as a belief system, is quite real. The gods and other beings proclaimed to exist I generally consider to be akin to fairy-tales.

To answer why there is suffering, well simple answer is even if there is a just god, how can one describe something as "good" if there is no "bad" or "evil"? Would it be less good, more good, good good, gooder good, good gooder, goodest, etc...? That is my religious-like answer to the question. My personal views, as an anti-theist, rational, science-oriented atheist, the suffering can be accounted for by science or other events that occur. Illnesses exist and persist through evolution, death occurs as a necessity for life as initially shown by Louis Pasteur, etc... .

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