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Re: Anyone know any cool/interesting Philosophers? - June 4th 2011, 08:35 PM

I agree that Friedrich Nietzsche is interesting - but for other options...

Marcus Tullius Cicero - One of my favorites, He is getting tattooed on my chest. (well, a quote of his.)
Here is a link to all the info you will need for a project on him - LINK

Also... Marcus Aurelius is good.
Link to his BIO. <CLICK>
Link to his works <CLICK>

Lao Tzu is another favorite - <CLICK>

The above might be too "heavy" for you as they are typically analyzed in 300 - 400 level university courses, so if you find it painstaking to make sense of the text, try...

The Hagakure (The book of the samurai) by: Yamamoto Tsunetomo (translation by William Scott Wilson)
This will probably require you to purchase the book.


Confucius is probably relatively easy (by comparison) to understand and get a paper out of. <CLICK>

If you want more - let me know. There are soooooooooo.... many.

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