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Re: HELP IM IN TROUBLE - June 6th 2011, 05:12 PM

First, why don't you want to be her friend? If she honestly isn't a good person fine, if it's to climb the social ladder I wouldn't blame her for telling every seceret or yours. If you just aren't close anymore, leave yourselves as distant friends, there is nothing wrong with that. You mentioned she "Embarassing" is that why you no longer want to be friends? I would be offended if I were your friend and you thought that about me. I would probably tell everyone.

In any case "Who you like" isn't a huge seceret. It's middle school, it'll pass eventually. I mean you could even deny everything she says, just because she says something is true doesn't mean anyone will believe her.

Think of the worst case scenario. She tell people things about you and they believe it. Then what? No one will smite you and you probably won't be tied to the flagpole and burnt.

- Justin

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