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Smile YAAAAYY!!! <3 <3 - June 8th 2011, 10:36 PM

Soo here's the story :
I watch this guy on youtube, Onision, and he has a fansite which I joined and I've made a lot of friends on there. Well there happens to be a facebook group chat name OFO (Onsion Forums) Friends and so everyone can also talk there. Well one of my friends is Zach Payne. We added each other as friends and we got to know each other and he thinks I'm cute <3 And he is always calling me cute and awesome and I think he's cute and awesome and so I asked him out today(: I said soo you like me right?? and he said of course, so then 3 minutes later I said sooo like maybeeee do you want to goo out maybee? and he said sure! He's only a year older which is awesome He's 14 and I'm turning 13
But here's the sad part, I live in Kansas and he lives in Michigan </3 but we talk on facebook and text each other and tiny chat, isn't that enough?
<3 <3 <3

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