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Re: religon is fake - June 11th 2011, 11:59 AM

Please don't think that people will dislike you because of this thread. We respect everyones opinion here, but of course we gotta get in our 2 cents in too !!! Its just a lively debate. So please don't feel that you are being "attacked"

I know how you feel. Religion is suppose to be this all great safety net and deep well of forgivness and tolerance. But it is not as perfect as thought. It is flawed or misused because of human weaknesses or greed. It can be a great source of support or pain. I think its just a personal decsion that one makes and live with. If it help them get through life then I am all for it.

My personal beliefs have been quite shaken too. Mostly by my experiences and observations. So I know where you are comeing from. I don't think its fake but I also believe that it is not the sole answer for everythng. Life is hard and the struggles eventually make us stronger. The hardships we endure make us enjoy the good things more.

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