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Re: Too Old For Spanking Or . . . ? - June 18th 2011, 06:51 AM

Originally Posted by Strummer View Post
Well, I was able to sit down with my mom and discuss my spankings this afternoon. Actually, I was a bit anxious about talking with her about this because of the nature of the topic. Anyway, she agreed to try some other punishments, but she was clear that if she had to nag me about doing or not doing something, she would have to resort to a spanking to get the point across. I thought this was fair, so I am relieved. Now, I've got to watch my behavior so as not to provoke her too much. I also sheepishly brought up my erections which occur after a spanking. She said that she of course could not help but notice them, but knew that boys my age get hard-ons for a variety of reasons and that they were normal, and so that did not bother her. She did say that any future spankings would continue to be on my bare butt because she felt that she didn't have to spank so hard for me to feel it. I didn't argue the point. So, I feel better now from talking with my mom, and hopefully my spankings are behind me. Thanks to those that offered input.
That doesn't change anything because it still involves spanking at her discretion. Talk with her again to ensure alternative punishments are given and spanking is taken off the table completely, bare-bottom or not. It's not appropriate and as PSY mentioned, it's not in tune with reality, so the more this goes on, the more your mother is taking you away from reality. Again, as mentioned, spankings are physical punishments so they imply you deserve physical pain when you do something wrong, which is completely absurd for someone your age and clearly distorts your ability to rationalize.

I still stick with saying it's a sexual fetish for your mother and possibly also for you. It shows your mother has a desire to beat you in a humiliating way, especially because she was enthusiastic to the bare-bottom idea and refuses to spank you with your bottom covered. You either are down-playing it's a sexual fetish by rationalizing it as something normal.

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