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Re: I just dont know... - June 21st 2011, 06:13 PM

I care for you and i am here and prepared to listen. Absolutley <3 You sound like an amazing persona nd you shouldnt punish yourself for the way society and the world have made oyu feel but you shouldnt punish the worl either(if that makes sense)

OK so i love you, you sound amazing, i am here to help you all the way ok? <3

can u tell me what happened to make you feel that way?

i unserstand you completley and atm i feel the same way. sort of worthless, ill nevr get to who i want to be (perfection wise) and no one would miss me. BUt thats not true, be it familly, friends, teachers, people will know you ahve gone. If you dont refrain from suicide for yourself , think of the people it would hurt, your parents perhaps? it will do alot of damage.

things you can do:
@when your feeling suicidal, like if your like me you will get sort of waves? nights? ring a friend , go on facebook, pm me ,. anything. It helps to write down the feelings it makes it easier to face. when its in your ehad everything is sort of put of proportion.

@Listen to inspiration songs like "keep holding on" from glee, "perfect" by pink, Selena gomez "who says" <3

@ take up a new hobby to make u feel liek your good at something, give you soemthign to focus your energy on.

@ distract yourself , tv, computer, writing, singing, make a youtube video? start a thread? go on childinline-ive found that you can do an online chat like msn 121 to a councellor-they cna be really good try it! <3 , soemthig that allows you to express yourself xx

hope i helped <3 please dont do anything . another wya i think about it is if a murderer came into your hosue how would you feel? or if u were diagnosed with cancer how wud u feel? sometimes it seems ok when its oyu but if u wud be scared or like feel liek your lfie is nearly over then you dont want to comit suicide, oyur confused -which is great becvasue its easier to solve x

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