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Re: It won't go away - June 21st 2011, 07:19 PM

Ok, first of all i apolgise that you ahve to feel like that and if i could i would take it away <3
have you thought about explainign how you feel to friends/parents/a councellor?
what i like to do when im feeling down is go on they have some games and stuff do help you deal with anger but you can also do this 1 on 1 chat thing which is like msn. that cna be really helpful or you can ring/text.

i really recomend you tell someone , someoen close to you that you can trust because being able to tll people and lean on them for support might really help you.

Just because other people have "worse" problems doesnt eman yours arnt important and if they ar emaking you fel this way they need to be sorted because they ar eimportant to you <3

Can you think of anytihn thats bothering you? if you PM we could try and tackle small things at atime? try taking up a hobby/instrument/writing/singing, saomehting to express yourself with xx

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