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Re: Male infertility :/ - June 21st 2011, 11:27 PM

Originally Posted by charmbraceletxo View Post
Anyway, my question(s) is/are: Will losing weight correlate with rising fertility? Would it be wise of him to start employing some of the at-home remedies now? (such as eating 2-3 gloves of garlic daily, eating lots of fruit and vegetables (although he does this already), etc., etc.?), should he have continued with synthetic testosterone injections--as he was a couple of years ago? (he discontinued them because they made him feel horribly aggressive and antagonistic), or what? I really want to be able to have at least ONE child with him in the future--and as expressed, I worry that it won't be possible

First, I suggest you avoid mentioning controversial matters that have nothing to do with your questions in your first post, namely . . . you and your boyfriend's stand on abortion. If it is relevant to your question, that's fine; but in this case, it is not. So no need to rock the boat.
It definitely won't flow well with some of us (though some would agree with you) and you can pretty much expect a few to several lectures regarding those.

Secondly, please avoid unnecessary usage of medical terminology. I'm mainly aiming at your usage of fertility and infertility, but a few other cases exist in your post, too.
Men's infertility has many potential causes. Even without looking them up in the books or online, most of us can probably name four or six causes for men's infertility right off the bat. (They're pretty much common sense causes anyway.)

With that in mind, my answer to your questions are . . . I don't know. And nobody else on here could possible know either because not a single one of us know the cause of your boyfriend's infertility--we don't even know whether he really is infertile or not. This is just your guess.

I suggest you should take him to your local clinic or medical center to check his fertility. They'll check his sperm count, too. Once we know the cause, your doctor can help you . . . and we can give you a few side-line advices, too.

Originally Posted by charmbraceletxo View Post
I really want to be able to have at least ONE child with him in the future--and as expressed, I worry that it won't be possible
Don't worry about this too much. With today's technology, this isn't really a major concern any more. If all else failed, you can opt for IVF (in vitro fertilization).
You can search it on Google or ask your doctor if you wish to know more details.

But basically, IVF is when your egg and your boyfriend's sperm are taken outside and artificially fertilized. THEN the doctor will insert the fertilized egg ("zygote" is another name for a fertilized egg) into your uterus. AND you should still be able to experience a nearly-normal pregnancy.

NOTE: It's common for them to inject a sperm directly into the egg. This is call intracytoplasmic sperm injection (I know, stupid long word for such a simple process, isn't it? Without the spellchecker of my web browser, I would have misspelled it.). If this idea isn't too hot for you, please consider speaking with your fertility specialist.

NOTE #2: IVF is expensive. The price is almost always above $10000 USD. If a clinic or medical center tell you a below-$10000 deal, then they're probably leaving some other costs. Be careful of that.

Also, you can lessen the cost by opt for not going for a full IVF, but re-use an egg from your previous cycle. Could save you a few thousand dollars if you opt for this. I don't know much about this, though; so be sure to speak with your fertility specialist if you plan to opt for something non-common.

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