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Re: Male infertility :/ - June 22nd 2011, 12:08 AM

Firstly, I was merely providing potential readers with my rationale for not utilizing "proper" contraceptive measures (although I really shouldn't have to)--if other members are permitted to freely express their disdain towards abortion, then likewise, I feel permitted to express that I, personally, wouldn't have an issue having one (especially when in speaking of myself). Expression of such sentiments was meant to serve as means of thwarting condescension and lectures about unprotected sex--it wasn't an open invitation for an ethical/moralistic debate. By suggesting that it's inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable for me to even briefly express such ideas, the implication there is that I should feel some element of shame for believing what I believe--and I'm sorry, but as a free-choosing woman, I find that highly offensive.

Secondly, as to the idea that I'm overusing medical jargon--I'm really not. It's relatively simplistic terminology--and last time I checked, the terms "fertility" and "infertility" were fairly self-explanatory...and if not, then Google is your friend. If readers can effortlessly provide me with a list of causes of male infertility, then surely they can comprehend the definition of these terms.

Thirdly, I wasn't looking for someone on TH to determine whether or not he's infertile (as this can obviously only be determined with the aid of a physician and/or endocrinologist)--I was merely inquiring about at-home remedies for impotency (as indicated in the last bit of my original post). Granted, I was in a haze and didn't frame my question particularly well--but surely I'm not the only one on here who's been confronted with this issue (especially seeing as how many of TH's members have children of their own--surely they have some knowledge of the human reproductive system, conception, fertility, etc., etc.). Also, I'm very familiarized with IVF--but as noted, I was hoping for advice concerning preventative measures and at-home cures...IVF would (HOPEFULLY) be a last resort. Needless to say (and as already noted), my question wasn't presented very well--and for that, I apologize.

Please don't misconstrue my response as being somehow overly-antagonistic--it's just that if underage children are allowed to overtly express their pregnancy woes, their issues concerning sexual health and reproduction, and many at times, their reasons as to why they feel abortion is wrong (which thus compels them to carry/keep otherwise unwanted children), then I'm having a difficult time understanding how/why my post is in any way objectionable. I'm not trying to offend anyone, here--I respect everyone's right to make their own personal decisions...I'm just asking that that same courtesy be mutually extended.

In any case, thanks for the response. When the time is right, we'll consult a doctor (if necessary)--I'd just rather not let it get that far.

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