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Re: I don't want to go to high school! - July 12th 2011, 12:16 AM

To be completely honest, high school isn't that terrible of a place. I lasted all four years, so can you. Middle school or Junior High is the worst, BY FAR. Too many prepubescent kids all in one place, unexlpainable hormones and mood swings, disasters everywhere Things are a bit rough the first month or so of freshman year, but I'm sure you'll be fine. I suggest investing in some organization things, and sticking to them. My middle school and freshman year I failed at this, and got bad grades due to my lack of organization alone. If you're going to fail a class, at least let it be because it's a hard class!

You really do get used to it, then you start dreading it but no more than you dread school in general, then you start missing it when you leave and go to college. It really depends on your school whether there's bullying or arguments. At my old school, there was no bullying or anything, no girl fights, ext. Then I moved to Indiana and it was as though I'd taken a step back 3 years. =/ But all in all, things do actually get a bit better if you ask me, and many other high schoolers.

We took a poll in a few of my classes. Out of 50 students, ONE person preferred middle school over high school. And she had an oddly nice experience of middle school, and an annoying pathetic experience of high school. (to be fair, the same kid fought with 12 year olds where she went to see her horse -.- so perhaps still acting like a junior high kid contributed.)

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