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Red face Why me!? - July 16th 2011, 05:40 AM

Why me!?
Why did my heart have to be spilt in 2
Two guys holding one piece

Why me?!
Why do I feel so in love with both
When all I want is one

Why me?!
One holds me heart close
While the other holds it on a silver cord

Why me!?
Why am I so intriged by the 2
When one is mysterious and the other so open

Why me!?
Why do I have to choose
A choice that could risk everything

Why me!?
Why did I have to fall in love with complete oppisotes
Why at the same time

Why me!?
One has held my heart from since the past
While one has just recently grabbed it

Why me!?
Why cant I just love the one with blue eyes
But instead the one with brown eyes is what I want

Why me?!
I want to chose the one from the past with brown eyes
Yet the one from now has a grip so tight

Why me!?
Why is my silver cord leading to both
When it should only leadin to one

Why me!?
Oh why me?
Why must I chose?
Who do I pick?

The past or the present
The brown or the blue
The mysterious or the opened
The silver cord heart or the grip so tight

The one that doesn't say he loves me,
But his eyes show he does
Or the one that tells me he loves me
And tells me everyday so far

Why me!?
Why did it have to be me!?