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Re: Make Up? - July 25th 2011, 03:36 PM

Originally Posted by how.we.operate. View Post
I only wear a small amount of foundation/cover up and eyeliner on most days. Some I just do one or the other or none.

I had a few interesting comments, personal views, and arguments going on.
One of these included how makeup is essential to look professional-background story was that makeup and business attire was not worn to work and the girl was asked to make herself more presentable.


That was the Harroods story right? My opinion of that is it was the rules, Harrods is about being perfect, if you have the money to shop there, you must be perfect (according to them) and this includes staff looking good so customers feel in with their own. It wouldn't do to look really awful, and some lucky ones can look good withour make up, but Harrods SAYS IN THE DRESS CODE you must wear some! And this is not unreasonable, would you walk into a posh resturant wearing trakkies and a vest? No, and it is the same with make up at Harrods, it is what is expected.

I wear make-up, I look bad without it, but only eyemake up as I don't need foundation.

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