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Re: I'm not stupid - July 25th 2011, 09:54 PM

I think we place too much stock in qualifications as a society in general - everyone goes on about the need for good GCSEs, A-levels and degrees but no one seems to stop and think whether they really indicate a person's intelligence or ability to perform certain tasks. My degree has nothing to do with my current job, after all, and yet I'm able to do it very well having effectively started from scratch, and likewise people who haven't done degrees or further education of any kind have still been very successful. Sir Richard Branson was a well-known failure at school as was Sir Jackie Stewart (both down to dyslexia) yet few would call either of them stupid. So yeah, I agree that it's very irritating when people claim someone is "stupid" because they haven't got a bit of paper proving they can pass an exam in a certain subject or because they haven't followed the traditional route. If anything, I'd say your persevering with it in spite of the circumstances says a lot for you and your intellect overall, as a fair few may just have given up in the same situation. I'd say bear that in mind if you ever feel down about people treating you that way, and think of it as an incentive to prove them wrong.

Also, from what I've seen here your English looks pretty good to me.

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If you're referring to dr2005's response, it's not complex, however, he has a way with words .
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