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Emotionally abused - July 28th 2011, 12:35 AM

Hi, i have an emotionally abusing mom and i'm not sure what to do or how to live with it. I've gone to my friends and they don't know how to give advice. For starters i should probably share what i live with: she yells ALL THE TIME, she has no respect for me or anyone else, she belittles me, she thinks she's some sort of scholar & uses words no one understands to make herself seem better than everyone, she indirectly insults me so that i can't say that she did, she's threatened to hit me or give me sever punishments for something that doesn't deserve it, she doesn't care about anyone else's feelings as long as she gets what she wants, if i let her know that i disagree with what she believes she makes it very clear that she will disown me if i follow through with it, she talks bad about the people i care about to me and tries to convince me to have the same view of them when they don't deserve it, she thinks she's always right, and i can't say anything to her without her twisting my words to sound like an insult to her or her yelling at me. Please help!
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