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Performaning Arts programs cut - March 2nd 2009, 05:41 AM

Ok I'm really upset about this but I'm going to try to be calm. My mother tells me today that my high school drama teacher told my father that drama and chorus programs have been cut from Orange county high schools, which leaves 50 teachers without jobs. Now just to have some understanding about my level of distress, I'm a theatre major, I lived in the drama room during high school, and at my school there are a ton of more programs that could be cut. Take our little television show for instance, not needed, we can just get the info over the intercom, and most of those students were not going to college for that career. Or please just please take some money away from football, especially if the team sucks. But to completely get rid of drama and chorus, my senior year every senior in drama but two went to college as theatre majors, or some other form of theatre, lighting design, theatre education... The next year EVERY senior in the drama department went to college for something in theatre. And we NEED the credits from high school to get into good programs. I just think it's wrong on so many levels. In Florida the money always seems to go everywhere but to the schools. So I just want to know what other people think, is it not that big of a deal?

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