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Re: In Real need of Advice.... :/ - July 31st 2011, 05:55 PM

Originally Posted by Composure View Post
Sounds like he's in a tight position, but you're in an even tighter one. The question is, who is going to admit defeat? Your best friend or you? Only one can be the winner, if any at all, and you're both going to become a little more distant with this guy in between you. Are you going to lose him to save your friendship, or is she going to? Or, are you both going to fight for his affection and attention and lose your friendship?

Ultimately, no guy is worth losing a friendship over; no matter how much you love him. Pick and choose wisely, because each has different outcomes and you're going to lose him or your friendship either way.

Me and her talk maybe once a month now... Me and the two of them tried to sit down and talk about it, but it looked like something taken out of "The Batchelor", He talked to each of us seprately. He has known her longer and they go to church together and his sister and her are BFF's. But he said infront of her that he feels a greater connection with me....
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