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Re: Performaning Arts programs cut - March 2nd 2009, 04:12 PM

Originally Posted by Hyper Sonic View Post
It is relatively high up for physical fitness is important. However, it can be done easily at home
Performing Arts incompasses all other subjects. This is my main point. Physical education is encompassed as well (do you realize you need more breath control and need to be in [granted a different kind] better shape to play a wind instrument then you do for sports? Do you realize that lugging around the heavier instruments you are in fact lifting weights? You need to be in better shape to do things like dance (properly) than you would need in almost any gym class?

For other subjects.. hmmm... music gets your brain functioning better (playing music) and helps with subjects like English and Math and Science. Your problem solving skills come into play. You build co-operation and teamwork skills, socialization skills (in drama and art). You learn to celebrate the little things in life. It is proven that the majority of people who involve themselves in the Fine Arts become happier, more social, more active people.

I could go on.