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Re: Residential treatment - August 9th 2011, 07:01 PM

Here is a long description of my experience when I was 18 in 2008.

Each facility will have a different experience. Also, the people that are there at the time will make your experience different.

I've been hospitalized once in a facility, in the adult wing. It was the best experience of my life. Apparently that is uncommon though, as I had a very hard-working supportive group of individuals at the time.

For where I went, we have 2 people to a room (about 13 people guys and girls). I was with recovering addicts, as well as depressed people. I was taken in a nursing room where I had to show her any cuts and then she treated them. Had to use zipties instead of shoe strings, could not haves strings on anything, and you have to ask for a razor (which was only privileged after 3 days) for shaving.

We had bathrooms in each room. Then during the day we woke up around 7:30, had to get our vitals taken. Then we would go to breakfast. We had to sit at one table together, but were allowed a choice of foods and drinks (even soft drinks), and were allowed to talk.

Afterwards we had group therapies and activities from around 9am-12 or 1pm. Lunch. Then come back from lunch to do one group activity and by 2 or 3pm we had the day to do arts, watch videos, read, talk, go outside for a smoke (fenced in area), etc.

Most would choose to sit in the group room and chat. Two days a week we could have visitors for an hour.

I was in there 10 days when I was released. The other girl my age who came in the next day with the same issue was released after 7 days.

I believe they can keep you up to 14 days. That was how it was where I was, though they can make special cases to keep you up to 30 days before having you go to a more permanent residence (I think that was mainly for rehab though).

I heard bad stories about a few of the places I almost went to though. But that is why your therapist should give you a list of places for you to choose. That is what mine had done. Then she called in order of my requests. I wasn't able to get into the first 4 I wanted to (turned out to be good as I heard bad things about all of them!). And the plce I went to was second to last.

I hope this helped? Feel free to PM if you have any other questions. If you feel it may benefit you, then you should go. You can also leave if you do not end up feeling it helps. They ask you to say at least 3 days before you can leave though.


PS If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask them here. I don't mind sharing my experience.