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Re: Sorry you're sick, but wow, you look great! - August 10th 2011, 05:30 AM

I'm not trying to be sexist here, but I truly believe that the majority of people who have complimented her "fabulous" weight loss is women. I believe the media concentrates these types of articles on the things that you hear rather than the things you don't hear. Of course women are going to compliment another woman for losing weight; women lead themselves to believe that you can't be beautiful without being skinny and wearing make up. Some pressure themselves more than others, but typically a woman is curious on how to improve yourself, and I think that they would obviously comment to a woman about losing a dramatic amount of weight because they want in on that "secret."

I've witnessed it personally when my girlfriend got an operation about a month ago and started losing a lot of weight, and to no surprise, many women commented on her Facebook about her "secret." So I believe that I am justified in my opinion that the only people who think that losing weight through sickness is "great" is just women. Ask for a man's opinion on the matter, and I believe you'll get a totally different perspective, and I don't think the media focuses these articles on what they don't hear but rather what they do. To me, looking like skin and bones regardless of why is completely unattractive regardless.
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