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My Best Friend's A Flirt - March 2nd 2009, 10:42 PM

I've posted about this before. Sometimes,it doesn't bother me. Sometimes,it does.
It bothers me when its a good friend of mine, or if its someone she doesn't even know, or if I like the guy.
I've posted about "George" before. I like him. I'm not to the point of really liking him, but I deffinitely get the butterflies everytime I call him (which I hate).
But lately,she's been flirting with him.
She says she's only "being nice".
She also said "Its like this. Either i'm nice, or I want to punch whoever in the face. There is no in between."
I don't think she really gets how much she flirts.
And she has a boyfriend too!
Who lives in California (which is across the country), so its not like he can do anything about it.
Well back to George.
Friday, she had Hot Chocolate in the morning.
And she gave him the lid to it.
She made sure that he kept it all day.
On her way to 5th period she saw him, and he still had it, and she was like "I LOVE YOUUUUU!" and he just nodded and she's like "SAY IT BACK!" and he's like "Uh,I love you too...".
And today, she was leaning on his chest to keep warm. and she's like "Gina, do it too!" and she kept saying all this wierd stuff and putting her hand on his stomach and was like "You're warm" and everything. And then when we were going to 1rst period, she linked arms with him and i'm walking on the other side of him and she's like "Gina, nows the part where you link arms with him too." so I did. But i was like WTFF.
I can't tell her to stop, because I know she'll flirt with him even more.
Idk what to do.
I don't want him to fall for her.
What should I do?

I was thinking about maybe talking to him about it. Good idea or bad idea?

OHHH, and today at lunch, She was making it look like I like "Joe". She was complaining how our one friend Michael was sitting with her friends, so I'm like "Go yell at him." and she's like "Okay,Gina,I know you just want alone time with 'Joe'. I see how its. I'll leave you 2 alone now." and pats my head as she walks off. I was like WTF. and I could tell that it wierded "Joe" out.

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