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Question August 12th 2011, 05:32 AM

I'm not sure if this would go under mental/general health.

I have been feeling really guilty for things I'm not sure I should be feeling guilty about.

For example, my great great aunt died in January and I am getting really upset thinking that she died because I am alive.

Example 2, my step sister is starting to hate our side of the family. My mom isn't the best step mom towards her. I am really the only one who gives her positive attention, but I have been having my migraines a lot more and I can't give her the attention she usually gets from me. I feel like she is going to hate me too, she used to call me mom, now she barely says hi to me. She is 7, I feel like I am causing her to become depressed.

Example 3, I am going to be going to college next year. My siblings depend on me to help them with homework. I am going to be two hours away. I already feel guilty about leaving them, because I can tell they are going to struggle with out the help that they need. Feel I should not go to college to make sure they graduate but then what if I dont become a doctor and I can't help someone I was meant to help?

There are many more things. My mom says I act to much like a mother to all kids around me. Including cousins, siblings, kids I babysit, a class I help out with (4th grade). I can't help it. Does anyone else feel REALLy guilty or blame their selves for things they shouldn't really be stressing out about? I'm only sixteen, is this to young to feel this way? Is it some sort of psychological problem I can get help for? Any answers would be great! Thanks!

Any answers? At all? please? is this normal? I'm gonna lose my mind if I don't get any in site.

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