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Re: A girl's fb post... - August 12th 2011, 06:55 AM

Originally Posted by craz33me View Post

ESPECIALLY when they start making fun of people who self harm. I've gotten in trouble a few times for talking back and telling them the truth.
I hate this. I remember one of my old friends... He decided to pull out his store of "emo"/cutting jokes one day. Coming from someone who was modest enough to want to keep period jokes out of earshot (to keep me from getting offended, despite my protests and the fact I made/make my own jokes), it shocked me. I ended up raging at him only to write him an e-mail later apologising for my behaviour but explaining that he has no idea what the people he's speaking with may be going through and that he was joking about something that was extremely serious and widely misunderstood. He couldn't look me in the eye a while after that. Awkward. But I have to say that I've never taken kindly to people making an open mockery of suicide or self-harm.

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