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Re: I got caught and I'm scared. - March 3rd 2009, 10:03 AM

Hey Jennifer. I can very much relate to what you're saying because my mum found out that i was self harming about a year ago and didn't take it well at all. I was terrifiied of her finding out and had previously hid the self harm from everyone for a few years. So yeah, i know how it feels, and how awkward it can make everything. Your mum will probably notknow what to say to you at the moment, and that's normal. Most people, not just parents simply don't know what to say to self harmers or what is the right way to react. Have you tried explaining to her the reasons why you have turned to self harm? Maybe if she understood a bit more of the story behind it she could relate more to how you're feeling.

Being scared is a very natural reaction, and i'm sure most people would be exactly the same inyour situation. Its really sad to see that you don't feel like you're of any importance to anyone. This isn't true at all Jennifer, you are just as important as anyone else in this world, and deserve to be happy.

I don't know if you've considered seeking some professional help with how you're feeling? It can be very daunting at first and seem like a bit of a mine field. But there are many avenues open to you and many options of people that you can talk to, you just have to reach out for the help. At school there should be some kind of system which offers support to people in a situation like yours, perhaps you could talk to your home room teacher or form tutor about what your options are? Many schools, unfortunately don't make it very clear to students who and where they can go to. You could even get a friend to go with you if you're naturally, feeling a bit nervous.

Hang in there :]

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