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Last night... - August 22nd 2011, 02:14 PM

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..was hell on earth. The thoughts of surgery running through my head. School s getting in the way of life. It's pointless for me to be up here..I'm only waisting my money on a degree could care less about.Needing comfort I find none. Needing love but finding absence. My dad is loaded sending me messages telling me what a horrible daughter I am. My mom still isn't back..She's been gone for a month now...No one really knows why she left. I saught comfrot in an old friend. I pulled out my knife and lighter. Hello beautiful. I cut and burned and cut and burned. Ahh that's better. Blood on my dorm floor puddling on the white tiles. the room is spinning i need to stop the bleeding. I get off the floor and stumble to the sink for a rag...I wake up a few hours later laying by my desk me head killing me and more blood on the floor. Now I'm in this hell hole of a hospital wanting nothing more then to get out. How do I get out of this place?

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