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Re: Would you do it? - September 8th 2011, 04:18 AM

Originally Posted by eaty View Post
... Actually, they don't teach mouth-to-mouth anymore and haven't taught it that way in years, what they did till recently was only teaching with using some kind of mouth barrier. Mouth-to-mouth is the least effective way to give breaths, and it takes a long time if you aren't 100% sure of it. They found that doing just compressions is more effective then stopping to give them breaths. And now they teach CPR as compressions only.

Personally, I would do what I have to do. I always carry some kind of mouth barrier with me, though if I didn't have it with me for some reason. I would do compressions only, because the risks from mouth-to-mouth are REALLY high. And it is more effective to just to compressions.

Actually, that's not entirely true. They do still teach it that way and chest compressions only CPR is used only for adults who have suffered cardiac arrest, and mouth-to-mouth is still needed and essential in some cases, as for those who suffer from lack of oxygen due to drowning, drug overdose, carbon monoxide poisoning, it states here in American Heart Association who made this hands only in the first place: