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Re: Bullying on Facebook - September 20th 2011, 03:25 AM

I think people should try to deal with the "cyber-bullying" (assuming it is that and not one-time petty name-calling) instead of immediately hoping some higher-up from FaceBook will come down and rescue them. There's always a block feature so you don't see what is said and that in most cases should be good enough. If the bullying goes to extremes, then there should be measures put in place for that and only that level of bullying.

To give an over-simplified example, if Tod posts on Jimmy's page, "you're a dick, you're a dick" for a month, Jimmy shouldn't try to report that to the facebook higher-ups. It can be annoying for Jimmy but all he has to do is lift his lazy finger and block Tod's comments. FaceBook tries to make itself as realistic as possible, so in line with that, people should be able to handle such issues by themselves. On the other hand, if Jennifer posts nude and humiliating pictures of Samantha, along with racist, deflamatory remarks on Samantha's page, there should be tools in place for Samantha to use.

I think FaceBook is hesitant to start rescuing people from the jaws of cyber-bullying as they first have to set criteria for when they are to intervene as well as what constitutes "cyber-bullying". There was a thread on TH in the bully section about what constitutes bullying and there was no consistent answer. As a result, people could report what they think is cyber-bullying but FaceBook says otherwise. Also, should FaceBook consider the age of the bully and receiver?

There is also a question of do they intervene even if the receiver of the comments does not indicate they are affected? Eventually a line will be crossed when they should intervene no matter what but setting these and other lines is difficult. Furthermore, if FaceBook does delete a bully's page, what stops the bully from starting all up again? I'm sure some bullies would stop but in other cases, FaceBook ends up playing Whack-A-Mole: Bully Version and constantly missing the bully as he/she evades.

The quickest and most effective method though is for the receiver to call it quits and cancel their account.

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