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Re: Bullying on Facebook - September 30th 2011, 01:31 PM

I'm not sure what facebook can do and what people expect it to do about bullying. I mean there's the report button and the option to delete stuff off your profile etc if people are posting mean comments, and the option to delete people people off your account and even not accept them as friends in the first place if you think they might try to bully you etc. That in my opinion is enough. Facebook has better more important things to do then do something about things that can be easily sorted out by yourself whether its you confronting the bully, telling a teacher, police if its bad enough etc, deleting the person and their commentsor whatever. And I also dread to imagine how horribly misused and so much time wasted over a report bullying here button- it would be abused, by stupid one off coments, things not meant to be hurtful but are to the reader or a fight between friends that could be fixed in a few hours or a joke gone wrong or silly things like that - most people just think anything is bullying these days.

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