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Name: Araceli Ponce
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Exclamation Do i deserve love or no? - October 4th 2011, 05:03 AM

I was going out with a great guy Akili for 6 months and than i broke up with him because im a really confusing person and dumped him than after 2 weeks moved on to this other guy which was my boyfriend who was Alex but i broke up with him because on facebook i put who should i be with Akili or Alex and it was just a question because i was sooo confused between them because i loved them both so i did and these girls who were on Akilis side put me down because they were saying wow its pathetic girls like you who are effed up biatches and that I dont deserve Akili that i just should be single and dont derserve anyone and that really hurt me and put myself down and i deleted my facebook and im crying so hard i feel like committing suvicide and all this happened today and i need help T-T

-Kid Frost<3