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Re: Do you illegally download music/films/tv shows? - October 16th 2011, 02:30 AM

Originally Posted by JKmadu619 View Post
Of course, but no one is making millions a concert. I've said this a few times, but record sales, merchandise and endorsements apparently are the main sources of income for a band.

- Justin
Lets take Three days Grace as an example here. A band of their status will generally take in a 3rd of all revenue generated by tickets sold to an event they are playing in.

The Times union Center near me, where they played earlier this year, has a maximum capacity of 15,500 people, and it's on the smaller side of most places like it.

Your average concert ticket to something like that is about $40. For a sold out show, that's $620,000 thousand dollars. Which means TDG would take in about $206,000 for that show, give or take a few hundred.

In the month of September, they did 18 shows in the US. That's $3,719,999 dollars in one month. Yearly, using September as a constant, thats over $44 million dollars.

This is not including record sales, swag, private sales and anything else.

For their One-x, their second to latest album, they've sold approximately 2 million copies in the US and Canada alone. I'd estimate the average for each sale around... $9.50?

Which would net them... approx $19,000,000 since 2006 when it was released. Which is about another 3.5 million a year on top of concert sales, not including what labels leach off of them.

So if we include every source of income available to them, thats easily $50,000,000+ in one year. So since 2003 when they released their first album, thats approximately $400,000,000 in the band's life time.

So from this math, which you can all check via searching google for TDG related facts, we can determine two things.

1- Record sales don't come close to concert sales
2- There is no way in the damn slightest that pirating music has a significant impact on your average artist like that. Because even AFTER the IFPI's 2009 report on piracy being at a reported high of "95% of all downloaded music", they still managed to make THAT MUCH FUCKING MONEY.

I will say this again. This whole "piracy" scare, is not stealing. It is the next evolution of music, because music labels have become obsolete. They cost more to run than they can make in profits because the internet does what they did far more quickly and efficiently. And they know it.

What the law says is irrelevant.

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