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Re: Church outraged over 9 year old rape victim having abortion - March 6th 2009, 11:48 PM

Originally Posted by niente_ View Post
OMG, that article's ridiculous. Expecting a nine year old to give birth to twins?? Like the article said, she's not physically old enough to do that. Especially a rape victim, and especially a really young one ... sometimes i wonder what the world's coming to *cry*
Huh? It's not something it's "coming to", it's always been like that for the most part, & just now starting to snap out.

Man invented God in order to suit his own needs and keep the proletariat in line. Therefore man is to blame. Or so my opinion goes

I was looking more from the perspective "if God would exist" or at least giving that possibility a chance.

I hope you're OK.

On a side note, it's really annoying when you write these, along with "how are you"s... Just my opinion.

And THEN decide for yourself what you believe.
Are you suggesting picking & choosing of the holy inspired word of God?
+ the Bible WAS written by man + our current versions WERE translated by man.

but how else do you expect God to reveal Himself to you?
Sorry, I probably missing something. What was the 1st way of him revealing himself?

What it seems to me, you are advocating your own brand of Christianity & seem, while those people are doing the same; you claim we don't need the "community" part, while they do. It's all the same to me, yours is just more liberal, individualistic approach to it.

Btw, I'm pretty sure there was a verse in the Bible something about knowing them by their fruit (can't find direct verse now), both you & those people have the same "roots" so to say... I'd say one tree turned out pretty rotten. Now I'm not quite sure which one, since if you take an absolute morality approach, those guys are the right ones (at least with their harsh stances... sort of)

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