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Pill Popping... </3 - October 27th 2011, 03:03 AM

Okay so... basically I'm having major issues with just about everything right now. I'm drowning in school work, just lost my best friend (emotionally, we just grew apart. we both changed... her for the worse..), and worst of all I broke up with my boyfriend with I TOTALLY regret. I hate my life right now and I'm on the verge of totally breaking down and I just want to go NUMB.

The problem is that I've been popping these pain pills in the morning but it's not really helping. It makes it really hard to concentrate at school (I forgot the my locker combo one morning and couldn't get into my locker) but it doesn't make me numb enough and I'm afraid to take any more than I already do. For pain you're supposed to onle take 1 (2 the first time only if it's really bad) and 2 is really strong for me because I'm tiny. When I take 3 or 3 1/2 it doesn't feel much different than 2 and I just worry about the affects and I know its not much but I've been gradually increasing dosage every single day just trying to numb myself and it's not workinggg... </3

Please... someone just help me... I WANT to go NUMB. I know that... I don't want anyone to tell me to just endure it... I want to be oblivious to pain emotionally but I don't want to keep popping pills like this. I don't want to do drugs. I don't want to be like thisss.... </3


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