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Re: Can you use too much bonjela? - October 27th 2011, 08:29 PM

Short answer : yes.

It has a dosage on it for a reason Ceilidh so you shouldn't be using more than is necessary as even though you aren't swallowing it it's still entering your system by being absorbed through the skin.

However, you can combine the treatment of the ulcer with other things inbetween doses of bonjela to ease the pain. Is the ulcer on the inside of your lip? If so then I recommend getting the mouthwash Cordosyl. I use that whenever I get a mouth ulcer and it speeds up healing time a lot. You can also dab TCP onto the infected area as well and that eases the pain too, you can gargle TCP too but it tastes awfully nasty so I prefer to just dab it onto the area.

I hope this helps and take care Ceilidh